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Refund Policy

We at,, ChristianMartin.Org, ProfitFox.Co, ConsultantMojo.Com, Funnel Cloning and The Martin Group LLC want you to be satisfied with your purchase of any of our products.

If you have any questions or problems, please read this entirely before reaching out. If you still have questions, concerns or feedback after reading, let us know by contacting our support team directly at

First off, if you’re here, we want to say thank you for giving us a chance to serve you and be your guide in your business journey. We know you have a choice, so we don’t take it lightly that you’ve chosen us. If you need help, or you’re feeling stuck, these are great places to start.

– Reach out to us at
– Show up to a live Q&A call 
– Search the Q&A Database

If you’re worried about timing, remember that you get lifetime access the program, and you’re part of the WFA family now. We’re here to support you in your journey as a #Renegade Marketer over the long term. If you need to take a break and come back, we’ll be here when you’re ready.

For Purchases of The Work From Anywhere Accelerator™ (WFA):

At we stand behind the ability of our program to get you results when you spend the time learning and implementing what you learn. Due to this, we ask that you give the program a fair attempt.

Your purchase of The Work From Anywhere Accelerator™ comes with a 60-day action based 110% guarantee.

Our refunds are granted based on a simple set of requirements (listed and linked below). If you have completed everything required, than you can receive a refund.

If you have not taken the actions required to qualify for a full refund (linked and listed below), than you do not qualify and will not receive a refund. NO EXCEPTIONS.

To be eligible for a refund, you must submit your request and completed homework before 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time on the 59th day following your purchase. After you submit your materials, all refunds are discretionary*.

No refunds will be provided more than 60 days following the date of purchase under any circumstances.

As mentioned above, all refunds are discretionary. If you just downloaded the training material (pdfs, audios, videos, and/or etc), and then promptly asked for a refund, we reserve the right to deny your refund request.

Downloading of any course content or videos forfeits your right to a refund.

The conditions for the action based refund are as follows:
1. The member must watch all video lessons in modules 0 - 6
2. The member must complete all exercise worksheets included in video lessons 0 - 6
3. The member must complete all homework tasks associated with acquiring a client found here:

All criteria for meeting our action based refund must be provided to our support staff via the Jotform link in the homework document (also linked in the members area).

Please do not contact our team for a refund if you have not taken the actions required to receive a full refund.

We are DEDICATED to your success and want you to use the program the way it was intended. We have no intention of withholding refunds to people who have made an honest attempt and found this business model is not for them.

If the member is taking action and finding success, the action based guarantee is of course null and void. The purpose of the guarantee is to make sure that every member who signs up for the program and follows the step by step training inside the program is able to get a full refund if they do not see results and success for themselves.

Our generous refund guarantee is not be abused in any way. These terms are without exception and a refund request without the requirements will not be processed.

You agree that you fully understand that our team is always willing to work with you and will always honor any guarantee. However, if you file a fraudulent dispute or chargeback, you forfeit your refund and your account will be reported to your bank as fraud, sent to collections and possibly pursued legally. You have zero risk of this issue as long as you just speak with our staff by emailing them at

We will not tolerate fraud of any kind.

The 60 day action based guarantee does not look at personal issues as a form of consideration. Only the criteria stated above.

The following reasons do not qualify you for a refund and no refund will be processed if:
- You changed your mind
- You haven’t had time to go through the course
- Something came up
- You found the program confusing and not for you
- You don’t have a computer or aren’t tech savvy enough
- Don’t have the time or money to use the program
- Unexpected health or financial issues
- Emergency family or pet situation
- Personal issues
- Need some quick and easy money
- Any other reason that is not related to the action-based criteria above

This is not because we’re “evil” or “money grubbing”. It is because we will not allow you to use your personal life’s circumstances to give up on the program and yourself.

Commitment is the only thing that will get you results. If you get busy with life, don’t worry. You have lifetime access to the material and can come back at any time.

Additionally, we are not liable for any refund amount due to technical problems on your computer, including but not limited to unwillingness to learn computer proficiency, broken computers (hardware or software), lack of computer, problems with your Facebook, Email or LinkedIn account, or unwillingness to post publicly on your profile because of competing job arrangements.
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